Forecasting every remaining Philadelphia Eagles NFL game

Russell Wilson (Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports)
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31. . . . New York Giants, MetLife Stadium. 10. player

Following the Philadelphia Eagles bye, there’s another date with the ‘G-Men’.

The New York Giants are the anti-Dallas Cowboys. The former continues to get better each week. The latter seems to be headed in the wrong direction. Philly should be fine after the bye.

The ‘Birds’ are getting healthy, and the bye should do them some good. The games between these two are always tight, but the Eagles should have enough firepower to pull off the season sweep here. Prediction: Eagles 23, Giants 17 (Projected Record 4-4-1)

. . . Browns, FirstEnergy Stadium. 11. player. 53

The Cleveland Browns seem to have found their quarterback. The question is whether or not they’ve found their quarterback.

Baker Mayfield can light it up on occasion, but he can fall off of the wagon too. ‘Birds’ fans everywhere are hoping for the latter scenario. Philly wins this one by a field goal.

Prediction: Eagles 23, Browns 20 (Projected Record 5-4-1)

36. . . . Seattle Seahawks, 'The Linc'. 12. player

The Philadelphia Eagles have never beaten the Seattle Seahawks with Russell Wilson on the field as their quarterback. Don’t expect this to be the year that the ‘Birds’ make history. The Hawks win this one, and they win by a wide margin.

Prediction: Eagles 17, Hawks 34 (Projected Record 5-5-1)

. . . The Pack, Lambeau Field. 13. player. 49

Philly took the measure of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field during one of their primetime games in 2019. This year, they meet again. The opponent is the same. the venue is the same, but this time, the result will be different. Prediction: Eagles 16, Packers 27 (Projected Record 5-6-1)