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. New Orleans Saints, 'The Linc'. 14. player. 15. .

A Philadelphia Eagles game versus the Saints kicks off the home stretch.

Okay, let’s be frank. Does anyone who knows anything about football believe that Carson Wentz can outduel Drew Brees? Exactly! The Saints win this one by ten or more.

Prediction: Eagles 20, Saints 30 (Projected Record 5-7-1)

. The Cards, State Farm Stadium. 15. player. 32. .

Sometime around the Spring and Summer, it seemed like the Eagles, without question, were a more talented team than the Arizona Cardinals. Things change quickly, don’t they?

The ‘Birds’ have always had issues stopping Larry Fitzgerald, and it’s hard to envision them scoring enough points to hang with a young squad that can light the scoreboard up in a hurry. Add a great young quarterback to the mix, and this feels like a game in which the Cards will roll in.  Prediction: Eagles 13, Cardinals 34 (Projected Record 5-8-1)

123. . . . Dallas Cowboys, Jerry's World. 16. player

Remember when the narrative was the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles would battle all year for divisional superiority in the NFC East? Doesn’t it feel like that was two years ago?

Once we reach the 16th week of the 2020 NFL season, it will be the Washington Football Team, not the Cowboys who are the Eagles’ biggest competition for the NFC East’s crown. Expect Philly to put it all together in Week 16 versus a team who won’t be playing for anything other than the second-overall selection in 2020’s draft. Prediction: Eagles 27, Cowboys 10 (Projected Record 6-8-1)

58. . . . The Washington Football Team. 17. player

If you’re wondering about the strange score, look no further than two failed two-point conversions by a certain Eagles head coach that seems to be addicted to attempting them.

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In the regular-season finale, the ‘Birds’ get their revenge on the Washington Football Team, and that tie that’s been sitting on the win-loss total all season gives them a division title and a fourth-straight trip to the NFL playoffs. Prediction: Eagles 25, Washington 17 (Projected Record 7-8-1)