Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Legitimate reasons to consider starting Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts #2, Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool
Jalen Hurts #2, Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool /
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Philadelphia Eagles
Doug Pederson, Jalen Hurts #2 and Carson Wentz #11 (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

2. The Philadelphia Eagles HC doesn’t know his team as well as we believe.

If you’re a Birds fan, you’ve, no doubt, heard that Doug Pederson has his finger on the pulse of this Eagles team, that coach knows his guys. Then, you start thinking, and you start remembering a few things that seemed like isolated incidents at the time.

Remember when Lane Johnson said guys needed to be held accountable? Remember those anonymous sources and Philly’s decision to get rid of Nick Foles and Malcolm Jenkins? This Eagles organization wanted Wentz’s voice to loom loudest in the locker room. That was never going to happen as long as Jenkins was around.

This Eagles organization wanted to make sure Wentz wasn’t looking over his shoulder. That wasn’t going to happen as long as Foles was around. QB1 is a great guy, but if you think that there aren’t guys who would rather have Hurts under center, you’re fooling yourselves.

There’s a reason why Wentz has a lot of new faces around him, and it isn’t just because guys are hurt. Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t keep hearing all of these anonymous sources and these stories about Wentz being a bad teammate for no reason.

That isn’t to say that he is a bad teammate, but let’s be honest. Each time he throws another bad-looking interception, you can see some bad body language from his teammates (even if they keep saying that there are no issues in this locker room).

When Tony Dungy was in Tampa, though they never said it, his defenses weren’t completely cool with the idea of being held more accountable than those Buccaneers offenses. In Philly, 11 isn’t going to be able to keep putting his team in harm’s way without reproach, even if that reproach isn’t coming from Doug Pederson and Press Taylor. History has taught us that isn’t the case.