Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Important lessons learned from Week 11

Alex Singleton #49, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Alex Singleton #49, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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Let’s talk about this Philadelphia Eagles running game.

Though most won’t remember this in a few days, Week 11 actually started on a positive note. Philly got some nice production early from the running game, but, well, there isn’t a Birds fan in the Delaware Valley or anywhere else in the country that doesn’t know how the first drive ended. Let’s talk about this Eagles rushing attack.

1. If Philly can stick with this running game, they can be successful.

In the first stanza, Philly marched down the field and were set up for success inside Cleveland’s ten-yard line. Then, Miles Sanders fumbled (his second lost fumble this season). The Browns marched down the field. They were stopped on fourth down inside Philly’s one-yard line.

The next thing you know Carson Wentz throws a pick-six, and just like that, Philly was pressing. Credit Philly’s coaching staff for sticking with the game plan. Credit them for trying to stick with the run, but let’s be frank. Miles Sanders needs help and possibly someone that may need to talk to him about ball security.

Boston Scott isn’t physically capable of sharing the load, and what’s unfortunate is the next best option after him is a broken down Jordan Howard whose best days are behind him. It may be time to give Elijah Holyfield a shot.

2. If the offense keeps giving up points, this team has no shot.

Philly isn’t good enough to get into shootouts. They’ve scored 17 points in two consecutive weeks. If they’re going to compound the problem by allowing the defense to score, they have no shot.  Philly’s offense basically gave the Browns nine points in Week 11.