Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Important lessons learned from Week 11

Alex Singleton #49, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Alex Singleton #49, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Jalen Reagor, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Reagor, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Heather Khalifa-Pool/Getty Images) /

We keep waiting on the Philadelphia Eagles team we expected to show up.

We keep talking about how talented this team is. Most believe that the Eagles are the most stable organization in the NFC East with the best owner, the best general manager, the most cohesive coaching staff, and the most talent on both sides of the ball.

Why do they keep losing then? That’s the million-dollar question, but here’s what’s unfortunate. We may not get an answer to that during 2020’s season. Here are two more lessons learned from a game that was very winnable.

3. Jalen Reagor may never be better than Justin Jefferson.

Jalen Reagor can ball. That’s a fact. He’s reportedly been frustrated by the comparisons to his fellow rookie wide receivers, but he needs to get over it. That’s what happens when you’re a first-round selection, but here’s what must be stated.

He is not better than Justin Jefferson. He may eventually grow into a better receiver. He might be the better receiver for Philly’s offense, but as of right now, the guy in Minnesota is better.