Redrafting every Philadelphia Eagles pick from their 2020 NFL Draft

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Philadelphia Eagles original pick (145) – OL Jack Driscoll (Auburn)

No fan of the Philadelphia Eagles can complain about Jack Driscoll‘s performance. The offensive line was in shambles and he came in and performed well for the most part. He’s allowed three sacks in 167 snaps.

Given how important offensive line depth is, the Eagles will likely keep Driscoll around. Aside from a few injuries, he’s proved that he can be a valuable asset for the Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles redraft pick (145) – OL Michael Onwenu (Michigan)

Michael Onwenu is, without a doubt, the steal of the 2020 NFL draft. Drafted in the sixth round, Onwenu has surpassed all expectations and has started for the Patriots in each of their ten games. Pro Football Focus has graded him as the second-best rookie in the NFL.

In 578 games, he has only allowed two sacks and his 88.8-percent pass block win rate is the best among offensive guards in the NFL.

Still, the Eagles should be satisfied with Driscoll moving forward. It’s tempting to imagine what could’ve been with Onwenu, but the Auburn product seems to be one of the few hits of the 2020 draft for the Birds.