7 Reasons Philadelphia Eagles benching Carson Wentz isn’t a wise move

Carson Wentz (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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1. Philadelphia Eagles fans cannot expect success from Wentz with Press Taylor.

Under Press Taylor, Wentz has regressed massively. DeFilippo fixed specific problems with Wentz’s mechanics such as his throwing motion and footwork in his sophomore season. While those issues can be fixed, coaches need to make sure players continue to repeat those drills and practice them every day. If they stop, these issues will reappear and that’s exactly what’s happening.

In year five, we are seeing poor footwork from Wentz. He is over striding which is leading to overthrows and underthrows very often. For those who are unfamiliar, quarterbacks need to have a strong base under them when they throw. It all starts with the legs. In the film, it is clear Wentz is over striding at times and his base is too wide. It is extremely difficult to throw in such an unathletic stance such as that.

As previously mentioned, mechanical issues can reappear if they are not continually stressed by a quarterbacks coach. Press Taylor seems like a nice guy. He was a solid offensive assistant and drew up the Philly Special. That doesn’t qualify him to be a successful quarterbacks coach though. He is not cut out for this job. Nate Sudfeld hasn’t exactly shown growth in preseason games under Taylor and that’s against third-string and practice squad players.