7 Reasons Philadelphia Eagles benching Carson Wentz isn’t a wise move

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2. Jalen Hurts is not going the answer for the Philadelphia Eagles.

With how long Jalen Hurts held the ball at times in college, it’s hard to believe he’s learning much from Taylor. Some of his biggest criticisms during his college career were that he would bail out of the pocket too early and didn’t have a great sense of pocket presence, he wouldn’t take the check down or early reads in the progression, and he would underthrow the deep ball and shorter routes which prevented his receivers from gaining yards after the catch.

Hurts had two of the best of the best offensives in college football. At Alabama, he played with great offensive talent. He had an intelligent offensive coaching staff behind him, an all-world offensive lineman, and potent defenses. Consider all of that and the fact that he stilled got benched in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game.

Hurts transferred to Oklahoma and played under offensive genius Lincoln Riley who churned out back-to-back Heisman winners and first overall picks Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. Oklahoma didn’t play much defense, but the offense was stacked. It’s alarming that he still had noticeable flaws that held his teams back from the ultimate goal.

Press Taylor is the last person who can fix those issues. There’s also not much he can do with Doug Pederson‘s scheme and play calling. Hurts could certainly develop into a solid quarterback with his attitude and work ethic. It’s just unlikely in his rookie year with an offseason that was shortened by COVID-19 restrictions and with a team that clearly has a plethora of issues.

If Hurts does end up coming in and having success, the staff at ITI will be the happiest of all. Despite our lack of belief in him to be the answer, anything can happen in the NFL and we’ll be cheering him on no matter what. It’s just foolish to believe that will make a difference based upon what we know.