5 Philadelphia Eagles legends who probably won’t be on their 2021 roster

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One day, Philadelphia Eagles fans will welcome Jeffery back with open arms.

It’s hard to find a Philadelphia Eagles career that mirrors that of Alshon Jeffery‘s. The only thing that sort of serves as a parallel is Terrell Owens‘ run. Now, no one’s saying that Jeffery is in T.O.’s class but just think about this for a second.

Both are physically imposing. Both play the wide receiver position. It’s also hard to ignore the fact that both also began their runs in Philly as heroes, as sought-after wideouts that stabilized an inept Eagles passing game and gave two of the franchise’s best quarterbacks a real weapon on the outside. Unfortunately, both also fell out of favor with the organization and some of the fans.

Ever since T.O.’s been gone, each passing year furthers something in many Eagles fans’ minds. Donovan McNabb deserved a whole lot more of the blame than he was given for that fractured relationship between him and the guy that could have been the best wideout in franchise history.

The immediate response when that ‘anonymous source’ story began in 2019 was Jeffery was a traitor. Just like that, he was treated like Benedict Arnold, but come on. Why do we keep hearing all of these negative reports about 11? He isn’t totally an angel either.

17 is a shell of the man that played the entire 2017 season with that torn rotator cuff and made that beautiful pirouette when he came down with the ball in the back of the end zone during Super Bowl LII. This is his last ride as a member of the Eagles, and most Birds fans are ecstatic about that. Still, one day, years from now, he’ll come home, and when he does, he’ll be welcomed with open arms. That’s a guarantee.