College Football Playoff: 10 Potential Philadelphia Eagles prospects

Nick Saban (L), Dabo Swinney (R) (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Nick Saban (L), Dabo Swinney (R) (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /
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The Philadelphia Eagles can find a few players on Clemson’s roster.

Here’s something that you may have found out on your own. Clemson is pretty good at finding skill players at the prep level and then grooming them into future NFL stars. They seem to be pretty good at finding quarterbacks now too.

Yes, Trevor Lawrence is good, but there are a few other guys that you might want to keep your eyes on.

5. Travis Etienne, Running Back

The Philadelphia Eagles have an issue with their backfield. We know Miles Sanders can play. We’re just not too sure about anyone else. Boston Scott is okay. Corey Clement got old in a hurry, and who knows what Jason Huntley is still doing on this team.

The top half of the draft might be too early to address the running back position, but you can best believe the Birds will have Travis Etienne on their draft boards by the time the next selection meeting rolls around. By the way, where on Earth is Elijah Holyfield?

6. Jackson Carman, Guard/Offensive Tackle

The Eagles love versatile linemen. We all know that. What you might not know is, while Jackson Carman has held his own as an offensive tackle for the Tigers, he may be better suited to play the guard position at the professional level. Keep both eyes on him.