Top 3 Philadelphia Eagles storylines following Nick Sirianni’s introduction

Jeffrey Lurie (L), Howie Roseman (R), Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
Jeffrey Lurie (L), Howie Roseman (R), Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images) /
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Jeffrey Lurie (L) Howie Roseman (R)
Jeffrey Lurie (L) Howie Roseman (R), Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

Well, how do you feel now if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan?

On the final Friday in January, the Philadelphia Eagles introduced their new head coach, Nick Sirianni, and now, that unoriginal take that the Eagles had hired a yes-man is rearing its ugly head again. For the love of Vince Lombardi!

Sure, from start to finish, Nick Sirianni’s first press conference with the Philly media was a calamity. He was obviously nervous, but stating that he’s already a bust because he fumbled his way through a chat with the media is picnic play. Doug Pederson was no Tony Robbins either.

The issue is the poor guy never had a chance. Philly’s version of ‘Tango and Cash’ (Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie and executive vice president and general manager Howie Roseman) couldn’t control Pederson anymore so they brought in Sirianni. Those two boneheads started tightening their vice-grip on the poor and unsuspecting Sirianni the second they invited him in for an interview. Isn’t it bad enough he is filling the former coach’s Super Bowl 52-sized shoes?

Listening to Jeffrey Lurie open that presser made most fans yearn for a Wuhan-bound Carnival Cruise liner. Serious contempt has been building up over the years for Lurie. The feelings are even more intense when it comes to Howie Roseman. They are still riding high from the luckiest victory in the history of competitive sports.

Can anyone tell the rest of us that Howie Roseman actually had any clue about what he was doing? He brought in a ragtag bunch of veterans that all miraculously put together their finest seasons at the same time. He was picking names out of a hat. He signed Patrick Robinson and was expecting Simon and Garfunkel. Okay, that ends that rant. Here are three obvious narratives that are being discussed even though Coach’s presser has long been over.