A Philadelphia Eagles legend: DeSean Jackson’s 5 most iconic moments

DeSean Jackson #10, Philadelphia Eagles
DeSean Jackson #10, Philadelphia Eagles /
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DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles
DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images) /

. . . Miracle at the Meadowlands II. 1. player. 54

It was the greatest comeback in Philadelphia Eagles history.

Every Eagles fan knows where they were when their favorite team had seemingly done the impossible against their division rival. It sounds like a fairy tale. Philly scores three unanswered touchdowns over the course of the final seven minutes to tie things at 31.

Then, it happened. With 14 seconds remaining everyone knew that Matt Dodge would directionally punt the ball out of bounds, everyone except for Matt Dodge it seems.

Despite the fact that DeSean Jackson had tallied 122 punt return yards in his last three games versus New York, Dodge took a high snap and lined one in Jackson’s direction.

It must have thrown 10 off because he muffed the ball at his own 35-yard line. Looking back, that may have forced the coverage team to relax and come out of their lanes some.

Whatever the case, D-Jax collected himself, gathered the ball, allowed his blocks to set up and accelerated up the field where he would meet the Giants’ last line of defense, Dodge himself. As you might imagine, Jackson won that one with ease.

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65 yards later, history was made (again). Number 10 became the first player in NFL history to end an NFL game with a walk-off touchdown, further solidifying himself as an Eagles legend. It was a sight to see if you’re an Eagles fan, not so much if you’re a fan of the G-Men.