3 Philadelphia Eagles draft targets who are no longer options at 12

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This one stings a little if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Now, while you won’t hear much criticism about the Philadelphia Eagles trading back, you have to understand that the decision also came with some news that isn’t so exciting.

It’s still doubtful that Zach Ertz will be a member of this team in 2021. It must also be mentioned that no one is foreign to any theories that this team is approaching desperation at the wide receiver position. Gosh, Kyle Pitts was attractive.

What’s that? Did you say you still have questions as to why that’s the case? It’s a simple answer really. Pitts is quite possibly the most talented and versatile prospect in this draft class. He can be lined up anywhere. He’s too big for cornerbacks to cover. He’s too fast for linebackers to cover.

Pitts is a generational talent that Philly could have definitely used, and the chances were high that he’d be available at the sixth draft selection. There’s no way he’s dropping to 12 though. Now, he’s probably going to the Miami Dolphins, and even if he gets past them, there’s the aforementioned Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers to think about.

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We can erase Pitts’ name from the chalkboard, but in the end, what Philly’s acquired in their March 26th trade will ease some of the sting that guys who were sold on him are feeling. The Birds get an additional first-rounder in 2022, and despite losing a fifth-rounder in 2021, they add a fourth-round selection. Unfortunately, we still have the same guys making the picks though.