Philadelphia Eagles draft: 3 UTR late-round prospects to consider

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. player. 2390. . . . Jaelon Darden, North Texas

The Philadelphia Eagles need to land a talent like Darden to boost their offense.

We get it. Yes, this former North Texas Mean Green wideout is only five-foot-nine and 175-pounds. Table that discussion for another day though. Have you ever seen Jaelon Darden play small football?

Blessed with the type of hands and route-running ability that NFL coaches are always searching for, this young man has a twitch and the type of footwork that makes defenders nervous.

The Texas native has flown under the radar due to the fact that he played at a small school, but don’t be fooled. He is a legitimate wide receiver. He has the versatility to play both inside and outside. He can also take a handoff and go the distance or add value on special teams as a returner, making him that much more interesting.

The only knock on Darden has been his size, but it has never been a problem at the collegiate level. It also won’t be one once he turns pro. The Eagles were right to address their needs at wideout during the 2020 NFL Draft. They’d be wise to do so again in 2021.

Adding a talent like Darden could be a boost to Philadelphia’s offense.