Philadelphia Eagles top 3 options in 2021 NFL Draft at number 12

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Philadelphia Eagles Draft (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles will have a ton of great options to select from at twelve.

The Philadelphia Eagles top decision-maker, Howie Roseman, made news when he pulled the trigger on a surprise trade. In it, Philly sent their top-ten selection (the sixth-overall) to the Miami Dolphins for the twelfth pick.

The Birds and Fins also swapped midround picks in 2020 while Philadelphia earned a first-rounder in 2022. Fans were stunned and annoyed by the news, but the choice to move back could be a great one.

Understandably, Eagles fans that wanted to see their team select in the top ten are still upset. The prospect of landing a blue-chip player is always exciting, but for those of you who carry this grudge, here’s some advice. Don’t be so worried. The 2021 NFL Draft could produce some future stars, and the Philadelphia Eagles could be in a sweet spot, sitting at twelve.

Ja’Marr Chase and Kyle Pitts have been the hot names among Eagles fans, and for good reason. The worry now is that the trade erased any opportunity at landing one of the two (or both of them). While this may be true it isn’t dooming.

The Philadelphia Eagles will have a chance to land some great players at twelve. This is a shortlist of the three best options that could be available.

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