Philadelphia Eagles 4 toughest quarterback matchups in 2021

Philadelphia Eagles, Swoop (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles, Swoop (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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The Philadelphia Eagles will face some capable signal-callers in 2021.

It might be the most recognizable position in all of the professional sports, the quarterback. If you don’t have ‘the guy’ there, your team doesn’t have a chance, but here’s the thing. Every NFL fanbase isn’t as rabid as that of the Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s what’s crazy though.

There are several fan bases in the NFL that couldn’t pick most of their players out of a lineup. Keep in mind the fact that these guys wear helmets, but even in cities where that’s the case, most fans, even the casual ones, know more often than not who their quarterback is.

There are some all-star quarterbacks in the NFL. Some guys leave much to be desired. As always, Philly will see some studs on the other sideline when the games begin to count against the win-loss total.

Combine a new coaching staff with a young roster in some areas and some less than capable guys in other areas, and the Birds’ fan base will have to exercise something they don’t always exercise, patience.

Here’s some advanced warning. Consider this a rundown of the quarterbacks that will raise your blood pressure and have you screaming at your television sets. Here are three of the Eagles’ toughest quarterback matchups in 2021