3 Young Philadelphia Eagles who may beat veterans out at camp

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Can Jackson work his way into the Philadelphia Eagles defensive line rotation?

The simple and accurate answer to that question is yes. Tarron Jackson was another of those day-three draftees added by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021. No one wants to throw this word around too much. It’s often overused but like Kenny Gainwell’s addition late, Philly drafting Tarron Jackson 224th-overall in Round 6 makes fans want to use that ‘steal’ term again.

He’s six-foot-two and 260 pounds. Call it a crazy theory, but his selection feels like that Jordan Mailata gamble a few years ago. We knew Mailata was raw. We knew he needed coaching, but patience paid off.

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Fast forward, and history is repeating itself. The difference is Jackson doesn’t have to be taught the game of football. Derek Barnett has been a disappointment, especially after being taken in the first round. Brandon Graham is getting old. The Philadelphia Eagles need some youth, someone other than Josh Sweat.

Cross your fingers. Hope for the best, but Tarrin Jackson rising to a key role on this Eagles defense is a completely reasonable expectation.