Philadelphia Eagles offense must be better in these 3 areas in 2021

Jalen Hurts #2, Jason Huntley #32, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #2, Jason Huntley #32, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

As you know, the 2020 season didn’t go according to plan for the Philadelphia Eagles, especially on offense. The line was decimated by injury, and there were too many turnovers. All of that is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Sure, blame can be thrown in a lot of different directions, but the fact of the matter is the offense has to be much better. A healthier O-line and a full offseason for quarterback Jalen Hurts will help, but even with that being said, this Eagles team needs a few more things to happen if they’re going to be a consistent winner.

Here are three areas where the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense must improve.

Ball security is number 1.

Carson Wentz was blasted for his lack of ball security and poor decision-making last season. Any fan of football knows that winning games in the National Football League becomes extremely difficult when you’re turning the ball over, and Wentz did that at an alarming rate.

The Eagles offense ranked 30th in the league in the turnover category. Ultimately, that would lead to Carson Wentz’s benching and the emergence of new Eagles starting quarterback Jalen Hurts. The second-year man has a lot to prove however before we can say he’s earned his spot as the full-time starter and the front office can be comfortable with leaving him there.

The offense must sustain drives.

At times over the course of last season, it became difficult to watch Philly’s offense struggle. If it wasn’t the turnovers that were abruptly putting a halt to drives, it was those quick three and outs.

The offense ranked 18th in the league last season in third-down conversion percentage (37.3%). They’re not far off from where they need to be. The Super Bowl-winning Bucs ranked 11th despite only converting on third down 43.5 percent of the time, however, to quote Jalen Hurts, “you can’t leave money on the table”. Keeping the offense on the field has to be a priority going into the 2021 regular season.

Take what the defense gives you.

Here’s a puzzling discovery if you look deeper into the numbers. The Philadelphia Eagles’ passing game ranked 28th while their rushing attack finished ninth.

Based on that, here’s a theory. Run the football! That has to be seen as a failure when you consider the fact that Doug Pederson passed the ball 60 percent of the time.

The Eagles offense ranked tenth in pass attempts and 28th in passing yards but finished ninth in rushing yards despite being 23rd in rushing attempts. Here’s what one might call stating the obvious. The ground attack was much more efficient.

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So, again,  based on those numbers… Well, on second thought, never mind. You get the picture. Maybe trust was an issue because of the injuries sustained upfront. Maybe this can all be chalked up to bad playcalling. With the health of the offensive line no longer being a concern and with playmakers all over the field, it’ll be interesting to see how new head coach Nick Sirianni operates with a new offensive playbook.  2021 should be an exciting season.