These Philadelphia Eagles are facing their last chance come training camp

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Genard Avery, linebacker?. 3. player. 54. . .

This has to be Genard Avery’s final shot with the Philadelphia Eagles right?

When the Philadelphia Eagles traded for Genard Avery at the trade deadline in 2019, no one saw the move as sexy, but we hoped that this would be a decision that would be more of a benefit to the Birds in 2020. After all, that was the spill that they were selling us.

2020 arrived, and Genard Avery appeared in 11 games, played 11 percent of the Eagles’ snaps (126 defensive snaps in total), and added 12 total tackles and 1.5 sacks to the cause. Now, after that, even though he’s still listed on the Birds roster as a defensive end, rumor has it that the Eagles have decided that they want him to be a linebacker.

Wait? What? Okay, whatever.

Genard Avery now has to contend with the likes of Davion Taylor, JaCoby Stevens, Rashad Smith, Shaun Bradley, and Patrick Johnson seeing as how Eric Wilson, Alex Singleton, and T.J. Edwards have probably already earned their place. If that be the case, Avery may have a tougher climb than expected to make the roster.

If he doesn’t, we need to ask ourselves if he’s finally exhausted enough opportunities to move on. Remember, this coaching staff didn’t add Avery. Doug Pederson’s staff was here, but as we know, Howie Roseman pulls the strings so you never know what can happen really. Don’t be surprised if Avery makes the roster, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t either.