5 Young Philadelphia Eagles whose futures are in serious jeopardy

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /
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Patrick Johnson #48, Philadelphia Eagles
Patrick Johnson #48, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Patrick Johnson

The 234th-overall selection of the most recent NFL Draft, Patrick Johnson, received a pre-draft grade of 6.10 by NFL.com draft expert Lance Zierlein in his profile of the former Tulane prospect, meaning that he’s “a good backup who could become a starter”. Honestly, some of the theory is this. Johnson is someone that could have gone higher in the selection process, so Philly nabbing him in the seventh round was a steal of sorts.

He’s had a good camp. Honestly, on a few other rosters other than this one, his inclusion would be a no-brainer. He wouldn’t have anything to worry about in terms of earning a job. The Eagles are surprisingly stocked at the position though (Genard Avery, Shaun Bradley, T.J. Edwards, Joe Ostman, Alex Singleton, Rashad Smith, JaCoby Stevens, Davion Taylor, and Eric Wilson).

Wilson, Edwards, Singleton, and Bradley should all make the roster. Avery, in the minds of many, should be released, but none of us should be surprised if a stubborn Eagles leadership structure holds on to him anyway. Depending on whether Philly keeps six linebackers, five, or six, Patrick Johnson could have some competition if he wants to find his way onto the regular-season roster. Let’s hope the Birds keep him around.