Philadelphia Eagles: Javon Hargrave, 3 others earn top-10 ratings

Javon Hargrave, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Javon Hargrave, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles delivered an exciting 2021 debut with their crushing victory over the Atlanta Falcons. 32 points were the result of an A-1 effort, and their defense held Atlanta’s offense to only two field goals. After that type of performance, there’s bound to be some individual recognition right?

According to Pro Football Focus, the Birds had four players graded in the top 10 of four categories following their Week 1 performance. Now, most know that PFF isn’t always the end-all and be-all, but most of the time, their grades are hard to argue with.

Check out where a few of the Philadelphia Eagles landed.

So, which Eagles wound up getting those high grades? We’re glad you asked. Here’s the list.

Jalen Hurts, Quarterback.

PFF Rank: 2nd

PFF Grade: 89.5

This isn’t shocking, considering second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts had over 300 yards of total offense, three touchdowns, and no interceptions.

QB1 came in second among quarterbacks, which was second to only Tom Brady. Hurts has been criticized both nationally and locally, so it was fun to see him silence everyone, for a week at least.

Javon Hargrave, Defensive Tackle

PFF Rank: 1st

PFF Grade: 94.6

There was a reason why Javon Hargrave came in as a stud on our Week 1 studs and duds list, and apparently, we weren’t the only ones that were high on the defensive tackle. Hargrave had a day with six tackles, and two sacks, his win rate against the Falcons offensive line was 47.3 percent.

Wow. He was a total wrecking ball and hopefully continues throughout the season.

Jordan Mailata, Offensive Tackle. 

PFF Rank: 9th

PFF Grade: 81.1

Who would’ve guessed that Jordan Mailata might be on this list? The Eagles did. That’s why they just paid him the big bucks! In his first game of the 2021 season, Mailata only allowed two hurries and didn’t give up a sack. He also absolutely obliterated an Atlanta defensive back. Like seriously, someone might want to check if that guy is okay.

Arryn Siposs, Punter.

PFF Rank: 3rd

PFF Grade: 68.0

Rookie punter Arryn Siposs was a big key in the Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive success. Three of his four punts were downed well inside the 20-yard line. He pinned the Falcons back inside the ten-yard line twice, with some help from his teammates with his longest boot of the game being 54 yards. Saying Siposs had a fantastic rookie outing would be putting things modestly.

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As stated earlier, certain PFF grades can always be argued and sometimes may come out as more opinions, but these four Eagles players earned the high marks that they were given. Honestly, most fans can’t remember the last time the Philadelphia Eagles had four players all graded in the top ten. Philly fans should feel good about the Eagles’ week one win, and this only solidifies things.