Philadelphia Eagles: Several zeroes and a few heroes ahead of Week 4

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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These Philadelphia Eagles need some self-reflection after their performance

Zero: Any wide receiver not named Watkins.

With all this speed and ability this team has at the receiver position, playing the way they are playing is unacceptable. From running the wrong routes to not fighting through contact, this was a disappointing performance by the young Eagles wide-outs. This should’ve been an all-you-can-eat buffet against the Cowboys’ secondary, and they fell way short of expectation.

It also has to be noted that Devonta Smith is not fooling anyone in this league. The ‘Slim Reaper,’ viewed as an undersized receiver, is getting his due respect from the opposing team’s secondaries.

He has had a few opportunities to fight through contact to make the catch in the last few weeks and just hasn’t done it yet. So far, it looks like Quez Watkins is becoming receiver number one.

Zero: Any defensive end not named Sweat.

Philadelphia Eagles fans were right to be concerned with the loss of defensive end Brandon Graham. The Cowboys’ offensive line was giving most of their attention to Fletcher Cox, and Hargrave and not one other defensive end was able to take advantage of it outside of Josh Sweat?

That’s not what needs to happen. Honorable mention of defensive end Derek Barnett, who has almost a 2 to 1 rations of penalties vs. sacks. Incredible.

Zero: The entire secondary.

Normally don’t like to call out position groups, but in this case, it is needed. This secondary was an un-disciplined mess against this Cowboys’ offense. When running a hybrid zone, coverage scheme like the Eagles is, knowing your assignments and communication of passing off an assignment is vital to success. It’s not like this secondary is full of rookies, and they still played awful. Moving on.