4 Eagles that need a change of scenery in 2022 offseason

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. player. 54. . . . Derek Barnett, defensive end

Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett

As disappointing as Derek Barnett has been for the Philadelphia Eagles, there’s something that we all have to pay attention to and be aware of. History has taught us something over and over again.

Derek Barnett will get a second chance somewhere else. What seems like an endless list of personal-foul penalties won’t matter. What he did or didn’t do with the Eagles won’t matter. The public perception of the general public won’t matter, nor will it matter where he was drafted.

That’s the way things work in the NFL. Even if players are terrible sometimes, they’ll get at least one more opportunity from someone else. There are teams and coaches that are looking at Derek Barnett, and they believe that he’s much better than the results that we’ve seen to this point will indicate.

And, while we’re on the subject, here’s something else that can’t be denied. You’ve probably noticed this too based on history. If Derek Barnett leaves Philadelphia, goes somewhere else, and all of a sudden becomes a stud, no one is going to be surprised.

Once upon a time, Nelson Agholor, Rasul Douglas, and Mack Hollins all ‘sucked’ while they were here. They’ve all moved on, and all of a sudden, their new teams have seemingly found ways to get more out of them than we ever saw in Philadelphia. After a while, it’s no longer a coincidence.