4 Potential Eagles free agents we will miss (if they aren’t retained)

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Greg Ward, Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles running back Greg Ward, ‘The Underdog’

Two statements that sound like they’re in direct contradiction of one another can both be factual sometimes. Here’s an example. Every Philadelphia Eagles fan knows who Greg Ward is. They know his story. They’ve watched it firsthand (and closely).

While that’s true, it’s also correct to state that it’s almost impossible to detail his story accurately without doing a Google search of Eagles transactions between 2017 and the present day. Greg Ward has been signed, released, added to the practice squad, promoted to the active roster, and benched so many times that he’s probably gotten dizzy while thinking about it.

Here are the facts. Ward can play. He’s a baller.

Greg Ward is, without question, one of the top four wide receivers on this Eagles roster. Arguments can be made that he’s the third-best talent at the position, but here’s where the contradiction is also accurate. The leadership structure of this Eagles team has never shown that they’re in love with him or want him here long-term.

Once March rolls around, Ward will be a restricted free agent, and it’s doubtful that Philly will bring him back. That’s unfortunate because, time and time again, all he’s ever done is prove that he belongs in the NFL.

The eyeball test, alone, should tell you that he’s better than BOTH JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Jalen Reagor. Unfortunately, Howie Roseman would rather be right than good. If you’re still confused as to why you see so much of Jalen Reagor, that would be the reason.