5 most insane Wild Card weekend games in Philadelphia Eagles history

Fred Barnett #86, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Joseph Patronite/Getty Images)
Fred Barnett #86, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Joseph Patronite/Getty Images) /
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Life hasn’t been that bad as a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Here’s a brutal fact that you eventually learn while watching the NFL. Don’t let the New England Patriots’ two-decade run of success fool you. Watch the game long enough, and your team will eventually lose more often than it wins. One must master the art of enduring the bad times and enjoying the great seasons when they come. Fortunately, life hasn’t been tragic as a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Sure, there have been disappointments as well as some heartbreaking losses thrust upon all of us by the guys in green. Who doesn’t still have nightmares of Ronde Barber’s end zone to end zone pick-six or a run of three great seasons that ended in NFC Championship Game losses? Still, cheering for Philly has given us much to be thankful for.

Look at it this way. The Cleveland Browns have endured some gut-wrenching playoff defeats. They even have names for them, like ‘The Drive’. You could have been born into a family of Detroit Lions fans. Think about that for a second.

The long and the short of it is this. The Browns are still searching for that first Super Bowl win, and Detroit hasn’t won a playoff game since January 5th of 1992… like ever. So, we repeat. You can do a lot worse than bleeding green.

Birds fans have seen some exciting games go in their team’s favor, especially on Wild Card Weekend. Take a walk down memory lane as we look back on some of the zaniest games we’ve seen during the first round of the playoffs.

The criteria is a simple one to follow. As far as this list goes, the same rules apply as they do for any team trying to punch its ticket to the postseason. Losses aren’t welcome. The game has to result in an Eagles win to get in the discussion.