4 Philadelphia Eagles who don’t deserve another season in 2022

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /
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Jordan Howard #24, Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Howard #24, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

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As much as we respect Jordan Howard, the Eagles must move on.

When Jordan Howard got injured in Week 9 of the 2019 NFL season and Doug Pederson told us that he was ‘day-to-day’, there was hope. We thought, at that time. Jordan would miss a week or two but return for a possible playoff run if Philly could battle their way in.

Unfortunately, ‘day-to-day’ lasted for almost two months. After being inactive for six weeks with a ‘stinger’, Howard returned for the regular-season finale versus the hated Giants. He was on the field for one snap. He was a decoy.

Now, after a failed stint in Miami with the Dolphins, one in which he appeared in their first four games of the 2020 season, was inactive for the next three, returned for a fifth game, and was again, inactive in Week 10, Jordan was waived and returned to the Eagles’ nest on November 23rd of 2020. It’s been more of the same since his reacquisition.

Now, this must be said first. Jordan deserves a lot of credit. There were doubts about whether or not he had anything left, and he proved that he did, helping lead Philly’s rushing attack and running for 406 yards on 86 attempts.

He racked up a 4.7 yards-per-carry average and tallied three rushing touchdowns in the process, but as you’d expect, he also got hurt again.

Here at Inside The Iggles, we’ve expressed our concerns about keeping him around from time to time. We’ve also argued the other side and given him credit when it was due, but the Birds, just as they do with everyone else we’ve already mentioned, have a decision to make with Howard.

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He’s good, but with his running style, he’ll never be able to last for a full 18-week, 17-game NFL grind. He’s also a year older and playing the game’s most punishing position.

The Birds have a nice rotation at tailback with Miles Sanders, Kenneth Gainwell, and Boston Scott if they keep him (which they should). Perhaps, in Jordan’s place, the wise move would be to add a workhorse with young legs. Playing running back ages guys quickly, and that isn’t any less of an accurate statement when we’re discussing Jordan Howard.