3 Eagles this organization must continue shopping to other NFL franchises

Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)
Nick Sirianni, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Jalen Reagor #18, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

54. . . . Jalen Reagor, wide receiver. 18. player

Stop allowing people to convince you that the Eagles can’t trade Jalen Reagor.

Possible trade partners: Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Green Bay Packers

We begin with one of about three or four guys that Eagles fans would love to say farewell to. Perhaps one of Philadelphia’s most obvious bargaining chips, Jalen Reagor has done little to impress in Philly.

In fact, he has become one of the team’s more obvious scapegoats. Anything that goes wrong on offense eventually leads us back to conversations about the former first-round selection, and it’s obvious that won’t change until he either improves (which appears to be unlikely for as long as he wears a Philadelphia Eagles jersey) or until he’s suiting up elsewhere for another team.

Reagor may not get many more chances on the field for the Eagles anyway as they’ve traded for all-world wideout A.J. Brown, signed teacher’s pet Zach Pascal (more than likely a Nick Sirianni hand-picked addition), and placed Quez Watkins ahead of him on the depth chart. Reagor was seemingly demoted earlier in the offseason, and it appears the best options involving him include cutting ties and starting over.

Although Reagor has not proven himself in Philly, his age and potential may be enough to generate some buzz and force a few teams to inquire about him. There were discussions with the Baltimore Ravens during the NFL Draft, but the talks stalled.

It shouldn’t take much to resume the discussion. The Ravens need a young wide receiver, and Baltimore has some birds of their own that would benefit by trading one nest for another.