Opposing offenses that will stress the Philadelphia Eagles new-look defense

Derek Barnett #96, Fletcher Cox #91 (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Derek Barnett #96, Fletcher Cox #91 (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /
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Terry McLaurin, Washington Commanders
Terry McLaurin #17. Washington Commanders (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images) /

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The Philadelphia Eagles face a familiar rival with a new name and a familiar face under center at quarterback.

The newly-named Washington Commanders host the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3 and they come to Philly in Week 10 in 2022. They weren’t a great offense in 2021, so this could be considered a stretch, but they do have some young talent that could blossom this upcoming season.

Last season, the Commanders were 23rd in points scored and 21st in yards gained from scrimmage, but that was with an offense led by Taylor Heinicke, Kyle Allen, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. They are now led by a QB, who years ago, the Eagles thought was their star QB to build around for then and the near-future, Carson Wentz. We know how that ended up.

The talent and tools are still there for Wentz and he has an intriguing arsenal to work with in D.C. He’s got an uber-talented WR turned RB in Antonio Gibson and a dynamite weapon on the outside in Terry McLaurin. He’s joined by a huge target inside the hashes and Red Zone in Logan Thomas. There are also intriguing talents like Jahan Dotson and Curtis Samuel.

The Commanders’ offensive line is an above-average unit as well, so a pretty substantial improvement from 2021 isn’t tough to see for this NFC East foe shortly. They could fight for the NFC East title in the upcoming season.

The Eagles do have the defensive unit to stand a good chance against this Washington Commanders team and both of these divisional games will be highly competitive. That means a fantastic show for us folks!