Opposing offenses that will stress the Philadelphia Eagles new-look defense

Derek Barnett #96, Fletcher Cox #91 (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Derek Barnett #96, Fletcher Cox #91 (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /
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Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys
Ezekiel Elliott #21. Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

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Dallas hopes to prove they are still number one in the NFC East as they’ll try to keep the Philadelphia Eagles at bay.

The Dallas Cowboys were the top-ranked offense in yards and points in 2021. They’ve lost some firepower this offseason, but they still have the potential to drop a 50 bomb at any time with the talent they have left. They’re led by a superstar at quarterback in Dak Prescott, and he’ll be handing the ball off to a broken-down yet still formidable running back in Ezekiel Elliott.

CeeDee Lamb, Tony Pollard, and Dalton Schultz could all take that leap this upcoming season for Dallas and that could spell disaster for the Eagles. Kellen Moore has proved to be very proficient in drawing up plays for this Dallas crew as well. They put 41 and 51 points on the Eagles last year in two whoopings. If Philly wants to compete for the division, they have to contain Dallas better than that.

The Philadelphia Eagles have that devastating defensive line that has been mentioned numerous times that could be lethal against this lesser Dallas offensive line. Philly also doesn’t have to worry about Amari Cooper in this matchup, who used to torch the Eagles constantly.

These two fixtures with the Cowboys should be a lot closer and if Philly comes to play and Jalen Hurts puts his big boy pants on, they could win them both in 2022. This Eagles defense matches up well to this potentially high-flying Cowboys offense. Let’s turn those 2 Ls into 2 Ws!