Game-changing Eagles trade ideas (and one very intriguing suggestion)

Jessie Bates III #30, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Jessie Bates III #30, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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The Eagles have had a busy offseason, but there’s still room for improvement and moves that can be made.

The Philadelphia Eagles, without question, had one of the best offseasons of any NFL team. Some are even saying that they’ve had pro football’s best. Kudos are in order for vice president/general manager Howie Roseman and his staff in the front office.

The Eagles brass showed patience, and by doing so, they were able to add talent on both sides of the ball at positions that many of us designated as the problem areas. While the bulk of the work has been done, for now anyway, some obvious moves can still be made (and a few others that would fall under the umbrella of ‘the unexpected’).

Looking at the roster constructed as is, you can make cases that the Eagles could still look to add a safety, another defensive lineman, a running back, and even another linebacker.

Howie Roseman has shown time and time again that, after the draft, there are still moves that can be made (think Ronald Darby or Steven Nelson). Here are a couple of unexpected trades and an intriguing acquisition that could restart conversations about what’s been an exciting Eagles offseason.