Game-changing Eagles trade ideas (and one very intriguing suggestion)

Jessie Bates III #30, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Jessie Bates III #30, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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Latavius Murray #28, Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images) /

Adding Latavius Murray gives the Eagles running back room a skill set that they don’t already possess.

Adding an under-the-radar running back won’t shake up the Eagles; roster, but adding the right guy could give the Philadelphia Eagles more depth and something they’re currently lacking… a workhorse.

Philly’s running back room, right now, consists of Miles Sanders, Boston Scott, Kenneth Gainwell, Kennedy Brooks, and Jason Huntley. That’s a talented group, but adding someone like Latavius Murray to get the tough yards between the tackles upgrades this offense significantly.

Given Miles Sander’s injury history, it’s wise to add another proven veteran. Murray logged 501 yards and six touchdowns last year for the Baltimore Ravens on 119 carries. He’d come in and, more than likely, be the fourth running back on the depth chart. He takes one of the NFL’s best running back units and makes it even better, especially seeing as how he won’t have to carry a full load.

Murray’s add means that meaningful snaps don’t have to be taken from Sanders, Scott, or Gainwell, but should an injury be sustained by any of those guys, the Eagles’ offense needs only lug him in and continue as planned.
He, again, can be leaned on for the short-yardage situations, and judging by the success he’s had in his career with the New Orleans Saints and what was then the Oakland Raiders, he could turn the clock back in Philadelphia while serving in a reduced role. The best part about this is he’d be inexpensive.