3 Reasons Eagles star Darius Slay will make a second-consecutive Pro Bowl

Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
Darius Slay, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Eagles star Darius Slay continues to age gracefully and get better with time.

If you didn’t know anything about the Philadelphia Eagles, and you pulled up a couple of highlight reels of their most recent NFL season, Darius Slay would be one of those guys that popped off of your screen. With three defensive scores in 2021, all of which were electrifying, he solidified himself as one of pro football’s best players at his position and proved beyond the shadow of any doubt (if there were any) why he’s deserving of his moniker, Big Play Slay.

With his fumble recovery and return for six versus his former team, the Detroit Lions, he slammed the door shut on an Eagles blowout victory. His pick-six versus the New Orleans Saints was a key moment and a momentum shift that helped Philly to an important win in Week 11.

His other scoop and score, one in Week 10 versus the Denver Broncos, was a key moment in a game that, at the time, still felt like it could go either way. For his efforts, Slay earned a Pro Bowl nod, his fourth.

He enters his third season in Philadelphia and his tenth in total at 31 years old… still a young man but ancient by NFL standards. This will be arguably the best team he’s ever played on, but despite all of this being said, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, following a poll of league executives, coaches, and players, left him off of a list of the top ten corners in the game today. He was instead thrown in the category of ‘honorable mention’.

Disrespectful? Maybe… An oversight? Possibly… Slay has a good chance of crafting one of the best seasons of his career, and you can trust and believe anything that can be used as motivation will be.