Emergency QB options for the Eagles if Jalen Hurts struggles, suffers injury

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Trades and/or bringing back familiar faces: Joe Flacco

Trades don’t occur in the NFL as often as many of us would like, but we do see them from time to time. In terms of the quarterback position, who’s worthy of a trade though? Where do we even start? Have you seen some of these backups?

Who’s calling the Atlanta Falcons to inquire about Marcus Mariota? We still aren’t sure if he’s good enough to beat out the rookie, Desmond Ridder.

Theoretically, the Carolina Panthers may be willing to move Sam Darnold now that Baker Mayfield is in town and they also have Matt Corral waiting in the wings. They’ve shown interest in Andre Dillard before, but who’s willing to give anything up for Sam Darnold at this point? Doesn’t Dillard, despite his flaws, provide more value to Philly’s roster than Darnold would?

Sure, if we stayed on Carolina’s roster, Philly could strike a deal for Corral if they see him as being interesting, but why would they do that? We’ve already mentioned rookie Carson Strong and his upside, and Carolina would probably have a high asking price for Corral.

Everytime we look at the Eagles’ roster (and everyone else’s), the only thing that would make sense is Joe Flacco… but only if he’s released. The Birds like guys that they’re already familiar with, and as you know, Flacco was on Philadelphia’s roster in 2021 from March 25th to October 25th.

His value is in the tank, and these days, if it came down to it, Philly could trade him for a sixth or seventh-round draft choice and probably trade him back to the Jets for another. Hey, don’t put anything past Howie Roseman!

There’s no need to strike a deal with the Indianapolis Colts to grab Nick Foles again. We’re beginning to feel like Mitch Trubisky is going to lose the Pittsburgh Steelers’ QB battle to Kenny Pickett. There’s no need to go shopping for the loser of the Seahawks’ QB competition in Seattle.

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The moral of the story is this. Jalen Hurts has a lot to prove. Some believe in him. Others are worried, but to make long stories shorter. The facts are as follows. He’s the best option that the Eagles have right now, and for this team to be successful, he has to be on the field and play well. We’re all pulling for him.

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