Veteran Eagles on shaky ground thanks to the emergence of Josh Jobe

Josh Jobe, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Josh Jobe, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The slightly unexpected but welcomed emergence of Josh Jobe has several veteran Eagles feeling a bit of nervous energy.

Whenever it’s time to begin serious discussions about how NFL Draft prospects should be valued and/or viewed, you can expect that there will be disagreements on how much stock we should place in some of the opinions of guys that are paid to provide insight on one of the most important portions of pro football’s offseason. There’s one guy that every Philadelphia Eagles fan should know, however… Lance Zierlein.

The great city of Houston knows him very well as he’s hosted sports talk shows on KBME 790, KGOW 1560, and KILT 610 AM as well as KFNC 97.5 FM. Since 2015, he’s been a draft analyst for since November of 2015. More often than not, he’s spot on.

You can literally take his pre-draft analysis of Cam Newton, read it as if it was published this week, and it’s still an accurate take. That’s another story for another day though. Here’s why Zierlein is being mentioned presently. He was also right about Eagles undrafted rookie Josh Jobe.

A former Alabama Crimson Tide standout, Jobe stands at five-foot-eleven and following a late-season injury, it was hard to determine how to value him with another selection meeting approaching. In his draft profile of the former College Football Playoff national champion (2020), Zierlein gave him a grade of 6.12, meaning he’s a “good backup with the potential to develop into a starter”. Perhaps we should have listened to him.

After going undrafted, Jobe was signed by the Eagles as one of three rookie free agents at the cornerback position on April 30th. Four months later, he’s developed into, well, a good backup with the potential to develop into a starter. He’ll make this Eagles roster, and as a result, at least four veterans who have been here longer may be in a position that was once his, guys who are scrambling to earn spots on the roster. Place the following names on that list.