5 players Eagles can feel more comfortable about (other than Jalen Hurts)

Marcus Epps #22, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
Marcus Epps #22, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /
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Several Eagles have a higher ceiling than they’re given credit for.

It’s amazing how quickly things can change and how emotions can be stirred. Following their joint practice session with the Miami Dolphins, you would have thought half of the Philadelphia Eagles fan base had given up on any hope for the coming regular season. One week later, following the addition of Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, people are talking about a Super Bowl run (and that was after Michael Irvin recently doubled down on his theory that this was potentially a ‘dynasty’ in the making.

You don’t think Irvin said that in an attempt to jinx the Birds, do you? That may be another story for another day, but here’s where we may be able to agree (or at least spark some healthy debates). You should feel a lot better about many of the guys on this roster than you probably did a few months ago.

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There has been uncertainty about what the Eagles have at the safety position since the book was closed on an embarrassing loss in the Wild Card Round last January. In the end, the initial 53-man roster wound up housing the names of someone we liked but didn’t think he’d make the cut (Reed Blankenship) and a last-minute add that comes to the team via trade, the aforementioned Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.

Here’s what we never doubted. Marcus Epps was the only safety on the roster that everyone thought would make the team, and through the spring and summer, he’s strengthened the belief that he’s a legitimate starting safety in the National Football League.

Be excited about him. Here are four other Birds that you should feel more comfortable about as well (and we didn’t have to mention Jalen Hurts).