Tailgating recipes to aid the Eagles game day experience

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Hunter Martin/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Hunter Martin/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles Jambalaya

No, we aren’t discussing the jambalaya you can get out of a can on the soup aisle (though Chunky Soup has one that’s fantastic if you’re just hanging at the house and looking for a lunchtime snack). The best jambalaya can only be found from someone who’s spent a portion of his or her day hanging out in a hot kitchen.

The beauty of jambalaya is we have yet to find two that taste the same but all are fantastic. We imagine that, at some point, someone had to have made a bad batch, but we have yet to cross paths with said person.

We’ve gotten so many tips on this one that we’ll just share two separate recipes and let you be the judge. The first comes from Munchies’ official YouTube channel. Isaac Toups will be leading us.

If you’re looking for another example, we grabbed a visual from Sam the Cooking Guy. With a name like that, he has to know what he’s doing!

That was fantastic viewing. We hope you enjoyed that as much as we did! Sure, nothing really makes these an ‘Eagles Jambalaya’. We just took the liberty of using our creative license to change the name. Let’s talk about a favorite in the snack world now.