Jason Kelce is an option if the Phillie Phanatic needs some time off

Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

With apologies to Gritty and the Phillie Phanatic, the City of Brotherly Love’s newest symbol of fandom is Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason Kelce. He’s been enjoying the Philadelphia Phillies’ march to The World Series while the Birds are enjoying their bye week.

The Eagles have been getting some much-needed relaxation. QB1 Jalen Hurts recently spent some time enjoying the outdoors. Meanwhile, the NFL’s best center took his own hike, right across Pattison Avenue to Citizens Bank Park to cheer on those Phils with 45,538 of his closest friends.

After blowing a four-run lead in Game 2 and losing by an 8-5 margin, Philadelphia returned home to set the record straight on Friday.

Things were going well early on. The Phillies scored one run in the first inning and two more in the fourth, but the Padres scored two over the fourth and fifth to narrow the lead to one run. Thankfully, Jason Kelce was there to provide a spark.

If the Phillie Phanatic ever needs a day off, Jason Kelce might be a nice stand-in.

Here’s a riddle. What’s big, furry, and can be found roaming Citizens Bank Park to the delight of everyone? Normally, the obvious answer to that question would be the Phillie Phanatic. On Friday night, the big guy got a little help from perhaps the most beloved Eagle not named Brian Dawkins.

The more we think about it, the Phillie Phanatic could have been separated from Jason and Travis Kelce at birth. Just look at some of the physical traits. Both he and Jason are large in stature. Both can be described as being ‘round-ish’. They kind of look alike if you look at them for long stretches.

There’s just something about Jason Kelce, and there was something about watching him run onto the field Friday with a rally towel in hand. His appearance will forever be remembered as one of the highlights of a special night, one that ended with a 4-2 victory (and a 2-1 lead in a best-of-seven series).

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The Phanatic is as engrained in Philly sports culture as the Phillies and Eagles themselves. Kelce isn’t too far behind. It was nice to see him on Friday. It was even better to watch the Phils win the pennant at home.

The Phillies are going to the World Series. Our dreams have come true. Hopefully, there will be a victory parade that ends at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Maybe, just maybe Jason Kelce will be asked to offer a speech.