Philadelphia Eagles versus New York Giants spread swells to 14-point line

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) /

All week, whenever the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants have taken center stage in the conversation, we have, more often than not, asked one or two questions (or both of them). Is Jalen Hurts going to play or not? Are the Giants playing their starters or not? When in doubt, look to Las Vegas for answers. Stay with that theory, and you will answer many of your questions.

Old habits die hard. Most of our mornings look the same. We gather ourselves. Some of us pray or meditate. We all take part in some early-morning hygiene… Then, many of us sports fans pick up the cellular device and check out our friends in Vegas.

On January’s first Friday, two days ahead of the regular-season finale, we looked at those NFL lines, one in particular. Something jumped out at us.

The Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 14 points for Week 18’s game versus the New York Giants.

According to FanDuel, the Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 14 points at 10:30 a.m. EST on Friday morning. That line has been pretty consistent all morning. Though we haven’t been given any real clarification from the Giants staff or from Nick Sirianni during his final presser of the week, that tells us two things.

Most of us have believed that the G-Men, who have nothing to play for and can’t improve or worsen their standing by playing their starters, will rest of them. That appears to be the case. The Birds are playing for the NFC East’s crown and for the top seed in the playoffs which would guarantee them home-field advantage for as long as they’re in the postseason championship chase. Their best chance at getting the job done comes with Jalen Hurts in the lineup. It appears that they will start him.

Again, nothing has been announced officially by the Giants or Eagles, but Vegas always gets the inside scoop. With a 14-point line, we appear to have the answer to our question. Things are trending in the right direction in terms of Jalen starting. It appears that, in Week 18, he’ll be dueling with Tyrod Taylor.

Game odds refresh periodically and are subject to change.

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