Nick Sirianni deserves NFL’s Coach of the Year over Daboll, Shanahan

Nick Sirianni, Head Coach, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Nick Sirianni, Head Coach, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Nick Sirianni
Brian Daboll, head coach, New York Giants, Nick Sirianni, head coach, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Sweeping the Giants, earning five more wins, and fielding a superior team gives Nick Sirianni an obvious edge over Brian Daboll

While it may be hard for fans of the Philadelphia Eagles to admit, the New York Giants should be given credit for a great season in 2022. Brian Daboll and the G-Men might wind up being Philadelphia’s stiffest competition in the NFC East over the next decade, but Daboll has not yet earned the title of being the league’s best head coach.

The Eagles finished 2022 with a 14-3 record, a 4-2 divisional record, and were 2-0 versus Brian Daboll’s Giants. New York finished 9-7-1. They finished 1-5-1 versus their divisional rivals in the NFC East. They finished 2-6 versus other playoff teams.

The overall records aren’t the only areas where Sirianni has an advantage over Daboll. Nick’s Eagles averaged 389.1 yards per game and 28.1 points per game offensively while allowing 301.5 yards per game and 20.2 points per game.

Daboll’s Giants were less impressive: 333.9 yards per game and 21.5 points per game on offense while allowing 358.2 yards per game and 21.8 points defensively.

Brian Daboll has been an incredible fit with the Giants, and his first season with the team mirrors Sirianni’s first season in Philadelphia. He has elevated his quarterback, Daniel Jones, in the same manner that Sirianni has taken Jalen Hurts from a project QB to an MVP candidate.

Jones isn’t an MVP-level quarterback. You get the idea though.

Daboll is certainly a good football coach. No one intends to discredit his work this year by any means, but it’s hard to turn a team without any recent history of success in the manner that he has done, but it makes little sense to award the Coach of the Year honor to a man that finishes third in their division.

While Daboll may be a year or two away from taking home that honor. Kyle Shanahan is probably overdue in receiving his just due, but has he done a better job than Nick Sirianni? We’re glad you asked that question.