Ranking Eagles star Jalen Hurts versus every other NFC East quarterback

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Where does Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback Jalen Hurts rank when stacked versus his peers in the NFC East? Let’s find out!

The Wild Card Round is over, and so is the bye week. The top-seeded Philadelphia Eagles having secured the number one seed were allowed a week of rest. Now, they’re back to work, and with the rival New York Giants being their opponent, this felt like a great time to discuss an always popular topic, quarterbacks. Every NFC East team fielded at least two as starters during the 2022-2023 regular season. How did Jalen Hurts look in comparison to his peers? We’re glad you asked.

Rankings are inherently subjective and authors have biases for and against certain players. Even the use of objective statistics can become subjective based on which statistics are chosen.

This ranking is focused on ten quarterbacks that we saw play in the NFC East this season, Everyone on this list started at least one game. They have been evaluated based on the following characteristics: leadership, athleticism, vision, rhythm, and efficiency.

Carson Wentz struggled through what might wind up being his final opportunity to be a starter. He lands at the bottom of the list.