Ranking Eagles star Jalen Hurts versus every other NFC East quarterback

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
Sam Howell, Washington Commanders (Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports) /

Sam Howell. 4. player. 58. . .

Sam Howell and Taylor Heinecke, two Commanders signal-callers land just inside the top five

One game is incredibly short in terms of sample size but Sam Howell absolutely flashed and provided a spark both as a runner and as a passer.

Final regular-season grades (Average: 87.4)

Leadership: C+
Athleticism: A-
Vision: B-
Rhythm: A-
Efficiency: A

In short, he is Daniel Jones, but with an arguably higher upside in terms of leadership, athleticism, vision, and rhythm.

. . Taylor Heinicke. 3. player. 58.

Taylor Heinicke is an absolute hero in the locker room. He has the rapport with his teammates that Carson Wentz doesn’t. His Nikes and their many color tones are great for conversation while being next-level swag.

Heinicke has the upside of a starter, but against better teams and better defenses, he can be also a liability.

Final regular-season grades (Average: 87.6)

Leadership: A-
Athleticism: B+
Vision: C+
Rhythm: B+
Efficiency: A-

Heinicke has athleticism in the Daniel Jones and Sam Howell tier, but for whatever reason, the Commanders’ coaches rarely utilized his athleticism on offense.

In terms of vision, he does play hero ball from time to time, but he also trusts his best receivers, especially Terry McLaurin, and often puts them in a position to make game-changing plays.

Heinicke can hang in the pocket, even behind an awful offensive line, but his efficiency as a passer is limited.

The Commanders would be wise to re-sign Heinicke this offseason and he plus a 1980s gameplan cost the Philadelphia Eagles their only loss of the season with Jalen Hurts at quarterback.