Eagles star A.J. Brown on Jalen Hurts: ‘It takes a lot for him to do that’

A.J. Brown #11, Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
A.J. Brown #11, Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

All season long, there’s been a vibe around this Philadelphia Eagles team. Some of that has come by way of their franchise-record 14 wins. Other parts of that vibe are attributable to their MVP-level quarterback, Jalen Hurts, as well as their machine-like efficiency on game day (one we see in most cases). Then, there’s the head coach and some of the new guys, A.J. Brown for instance.

There are a lot of likable personalities in Philly’s nest. As the big game approaches, however, they’re done with the light-hearted nature that the first half of Super Bowl Media Week brings. Just ask A.J. Brown. The Eagles have flipped a switch and are officially in gameday mode.

Thursday was the final time that Philly’s star receiver would be made available to the media. A.J. hung out for about 45 minutes and dropped a few jewels. Few were more interesting than his take on Jalen and the aspect of being a leader that most forces him to stretch himself.

You may not believe this, but according to A.J. Brown, it takes a lot for Jalen Hurts to step out of his comfort zone and express himself to his teammates.

There’s an old saying. We forget where we heard it first, but this seems like a good time to bring it up. ‘If you want to know who a man is, ask his wife’.

Now, some of you may be failing as husbands, so you don’t like how that sounds. That doesn’t make it any less true. Whether you approve of her diagnosis or not, no one knows you better than the woman you spend every day with.

We know what you’re thinking… What on Planet Earth does that have to do with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Kansas City Chiefs, Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, or the coming Super Bowl? … Patience friends… We’re truly glad that you asked.

For the uninitiated,  Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown’s friendship is a solid one that has gone on for years. They know each other well. The stamp was placed on their bond when the former tried to assist in recruiting the latter to the Alabama Crimson Tide. A.J. elected, instead, to play his college football at Ole Miss. They decide to maintain a friendship.

Jalen and A.J. were together when the Tennessee Titans called Brown to inform him that they were drafting him. They held on to hope that they’d one day be teammates. In 2022, they were given that opportunity.

All that has been said to say this. After minicamps, training camp, three preseason games, an 18-week/17-game regular season, and three rounds of the playoffs, the Eagles have spent a ton of time together. In many cases, they’re with teammates and coaches more than they’re with their families. Just ask Nick Sirianni who’s ALWAYS at the NovaCare Complex.

Now, in light of our previous statement, none of these guys bring their wives to work, but you get the idea. The point is if you get to know someone that well and if you spend enough time with someone, they begin to know you in ways that others can’t.

Who on this Eagles roster would be better to comment on what Jalen Hurts is thinking (other than Jalen Hurts) than his close friend A.J. Brown? When asked to describe QB1’s game-day mentality, Number 11 had the following to say.

"His mentality on the field? … Silent but deadly. He likes to play. He likes to lead by example more than he speaks, you know? I know, personally, it takes a lot out of him to get guys going because he’s so much in his own mind (that) he wants to lead by example, but he knows as a quarterback, he has to lead the team. So, I know he’s definitely going out of his way to do that. I don’t think everybody knows that."

Wow! We never would have guessed. Have you seen a Jalen Hurts pre or post-game speech? Those are magic. Heck, it makes us want to suit up and run through a wall!

We get it though, and it seems appropriate, with that being the case, that we tip the cap to Jalen again for his leadership. From the outside looking in, you’d never guess that he was stretching himself and still learning. It appears he’s a natural, and get this because this is the best part. He’s only going to get better and become a better leader with time.

Hot. X-factors that will help decide the Super Bowl. light