Eagles news: Andy Reid is rooting for Philadelphia’s Super Bowl win

Andy Reid (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Andy Reid (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

At some point, every man realizes that he can never deny his true nature. We knew it would happen. Andy Reid is pulling for the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII!

What’s that? Oh no! We don’t mean THAT Andy Reid, Philly’s former head coach and the current leader of the Kansas CXity Chiefs. We’re referencing the sports memorabilia collector.

The other Andy Reid is someone that you may be familiar with. Remember when ABC6 Action News introduced you to the Levittown, Bucks County Native that had his lawn sign stolen? Well, five years later, we were allowed to catch up with him again.

Nope, we never figured out who stole that sign, but no worries. Brett Brand of Brands Imaging created a replica, and now, all is right with the world. Now, this avid Birds fan can concentrate on what’s important, rooting for his team to win a Super Bowl this Sunday on football’s grandest and largest stage. Perhaps you’ve heard. There’s a good chance that may happen.

Reid offered a few thoughts

"I definitely think we’re going to win by double digits … It’s going to be a close game, high-scoring game."

If that’s how things worked out, we can make you a promise. No Eagles fans will have any issues with the result. In regards to the other guy – you know – the one wearing all of that red, whether he admits it or not, deep down, he’d be satisfied if the Birds won too. Some things never change.

More Eagles news: Philly is shut out at the NFL Honors.

So, here we are. In the end, the NFL Honors society determined that, even though most assumed the New York Giants would finish third or fourth in the NFC East anyway, Brian Daboll wins Coach of the Year while Nick Sirianni wasn’t even among the finalists.

Brandon Graham won neither Comeback Player of the Year nor the Walter Payton Man of the Year trophy. It appears that, in the minds of their committee, Jalen Hurts isn’t the league’s MVP, and he isn’t even good enough to win Offensive Player of the Year. We won’t even get into how disrespectful it is that Haason Reddick isn’t the Defensive Player of the Year.

Grab his numbers and Nick Bosa’s numbers during the regular season, and look at the level of competition. Let us know how you feel after that. Sure, the postseason has nothing to do with who wins these awards, but just for kicks, check out their postseason numbers if you still aren’t convinced. Then, get back to us.

Keep in mind the fact that Bosa played one more game in the postseason than Reddick did. We’re just going to throw that out there.

The moral of the story is this. While shutting the NFL’s best team and best roster out of the NFL Honors ceremony is disrespectful, we only know one way to respond as Eagles Nation, by winning the Super Bowl and hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Hey ‘Jalen Hurts – Super Bowl MVP’ sounds better anyway.

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