Another reason to eschew worry about Eagles rookies Jalen Carter, Kelee Ringo

Kelee Ringo #5, Jalen Carter #88, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
Kelee Ringo #5, Jalen Carter #88, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images) /

Everyone forgot about Bijan Robinson pretty quickly, didn’t they? And, guess what? All it took was for Jalen Carter, viewed by many to be the best player in the NFL Draft, to fall during the first round of pro football’s selection meeting. Before you knew it, once things got cooking, the former Georgia Bulldogs wound up within reach of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ grasp at the tenth-overall selection on Thursday evening. Howie Roseman had seen enough.

After eight teams made their selections and none of them went with the 2022 First-Team All-SEC nod and Unanimous All-American, Philly’s general manager made his move. The decision… swap the tenth selection with the Chicago Bears for the ninth and throw in the 2024 fourth-round pick to sweeten the deal.

Bijan Robinson went to the Atlanta Falcons eighth overall. Carter landed with the Birds one spot later. Expect Eagles fans to spend their Sundays paying attention to how both are doing.

If you’re worried about all of the ‘character concerns’ with Eagles rookies Jalen Carter and the rumors about Kelee Ringo’s work ethic, don’t stress.

By now, you all have seen the memes, and you have heard the stories and read the stories. After selecting Jordan Davis and Nakobe Dean in 2022, three more members of the Georgia Bulldogs were added to the nest this past weekend.

One, Nolan Smith, has been compared to current Eagles star Haason Reddick. There are questions about his slender frame. In terms of the other two, Carter and Kelee Ringo, both have had questions asked about their work ethic and desire.

It’s easy to worry, but sleep easy Birds fans. There’s no reason to be. We trust Howie Roseman and the Eagles’ leadership structure. There’s another name to know if you are unfamiliar with it, Dom DiSandro.

The 2023-2024 campaign will be his 24th season. He’s the vice president of team security and their chief security officer. Nothing gets past him.

Dom does his homework. As JAKIB Sports’ Derrick Gunn lamented during a recent airing of Sports Take, this doesn’t happen without Dom’s blessing. He was, no doubt, involved in the process of doing research on both Kelee and Jalen.

Here’s a translation. This doesn’t get done if DiSandro doesn’t give the thumbs up. It appears he did, and to make long stories short, if Dom is in, we are in. All that’s left is to coach these guys up now.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the NFL Draft is none of us have seen these guys play at the professional level yet. Sure, there are questions about the rookie Bulldogs trio and questions about the Dawgs Philly landed last year. We have discussed all of them rather extensively.

Is Nakobe Dean ready? Will Jordan Davis ascend? How much stock should we place into those concerns about Carter and Ringo? We can even throw the discussion about whether or not the Falcons were wise to select a running back with the tenth-overall selection if you like.

Truthfully, no one knows how things will turn out for Jalen Carter, Kelee Ringo, or Nolan Smith. It’s tough to gauge what we’ll see from Jordan Davis or Nakobe Dean in year two. Who knows how Bijan Robinson will perform (for those of you that will be keeping up with him)? Here are a few guesses.

Bijan will make an immediate impact. So will Jalen. We can definitely answer the questions about character concerns. Nakobe Dean has already gone to bat for this year’s ninth-overall selection, and by the looks of things, Dom DiSandro’s mind is clear too. That’s huge.