DeAndre Hopkins names Jalen Hurts on list of QBs he’d enjoy teaming with

DeAndre Hopkins (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool)
DeAndre Hopkins (Mandatory Credit: Imagn Images photo pool) /

Ask any NFL star, and they’ll tell you that the talent level and competition increase dramatically when transferring from the collegiate to the professional level, but some areas, upon further evaluation, can become familiar. The cream always rises to the top, and recruiting is a 24-hour-a-day and seven-day-a-week business. The Philadelphia Eagles are lucky. They have one of the best recruiting tools on the planet in the form of their QB1, Jalen Hurts.

Have you heard? A month after Bijan Robinson named Jalen Hurts as someone he’d love to join forces with, disgruntled Arizona Cardinals wideout DeAndre Hopkins is doing the same thing.

When asked about signal-callers he admires and would enjoy playing with, the man formerly known in his old Clemson Tigers stomping grounds as ‘Nuke’ quickly named Buffalo Bills star Josh Allen before mentioning a guy Birds fans know pretty well.

Don’t take our word for it. Listen for yourselves.

Did you notice he didn’t mention Kyler Murray and he ignored the Dak Prescott suggestion?

Though it would be wonderful to add DeAndre Hopkins to the Eagles’ roster to team with Jalen Hurts, common sense says it isn’t happening.

Let’s be frank. Long ago, we grew tired of hearing that every player looking for a change of scenery was somehow connected to the Eagles in some sort of discussion about possibly coming to Philadelphia. This one deserved a mention though. D-Hop brought Jalen Hurts’ name up when he was asked the question, and again, he ignored the Dak Prescott suggestion and left Kyler Murray off of his list.

Maybe you don’t find that to be as funny as some of the rest of us did, but that’s okay. We’re all entertained by different things.

Hopkins didn’t come to Philly the last time he was searching for a new home, and he probably won’t wind up in the City of Brotherly Love in 2023 unless you’re talking about turning on your Playstations and XBoxes, logging into your franchise mode on the  Madden NFL game, turning off the salary cap, and adding him there.

It’s a fun discussion. After all, this is a five-time Pro Bowler and five-time All-Pro. Stranger things have happened, but it’s time to begin discussing possible extensions for DeVonta Smith and Landon Dickerson. Their numbers are coming up around 2024 or 2025 if Philly exercises a fifth-year option on them and adding another high-dollar talent at the wide receiver position right now won’t make a ton of sense.

Thanks but no thanks. Philly’s best bet is to coach up these young guys or find a less-expensive option.