2 Eagles truths, one lie following a second consecutive embarrassing loss

Let's play a game of 'two truths and a lie' and use the Eagles as our topic of discussion.
Michael Gallup, Eagles vs Cowboys
Michael Gallup, Eagles vs Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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The lie: The Eagles haven't played their best football yet.

You've heard this all season. 'The Eagles haven't played their best football yet'. Sometimes, you have heard it said this way. 'If the Eagles can put it all together, they'll be tough to beat'. Stop! Just stop! We're sick of the lies. They end now. They end immediately.

Here's some truth serum. We HAVE seen the Eagles at their best. We just didn't like what it looked like, so we convinced ourselves that they'd morph back into the dominant team that they were last season. Folks, that isn't going to happen. What we have seen is who they are. We have to call them as we see them.

Jalen Hurts turns the ball over much too often. This team, despite its offensive talent, is prone to long stretches of offensive inefficiency. The defense, for lack of a better phrase, seems lost at times. The coordinators can be outcoached because of their inexperience.

There's some good news here. The Eagles, at their best, are still better than 99% of the NFL's other teams when they're performing at peak efficiency. Philly is better than the Dallas Cowboys, even now. They're better than all of the AFC's top teams. They ARE NOT better than the 49ers, not right now.

Still, they figure to finish with a 14-3 record. That's nothing to sneeze at. There's time to improve. We believe they will, but as of right now, this is a good team that's slumping.

Let's hope they turn things around. The postseason draws closer.