2 Eagles truths, one lie following a second consecutive embarrassing loss

Let's play a game of 'two truths and a lie' and use the Eagles as our topic of discussion.

Michael Gallup, Eagles vs Cowboys
Michael Gallup, Eagles vs Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Truth: The Eagles are going to win out, and Philly's fans are going to cheer for the Ravens in Week 16.

Okay, technically, that's two truths. You get the idea though. All of that needed to be said, and well... Simply put, the game isn't called three truths and a lie. Okay, let's get back to football.

Here's the point. The Eagles are going to win out. They face the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals in two of their final four games, and they play the New York Giants twice. That sounds like the recipe for four wins for us. Unfortunately, if they're to secure the NFC's top seed, they need the San Francisco 49ers to lose somewhere. We'll be honest. It's hard to find the loss.

The Niners, during their home stretch, face the Arizona Cardinals (AWAY), the Baltimore Ravens (HOME), the Washington Commanders (AWAY), and the Los Angeles Rams (HOME). Clearly, if we were to identify a game they had the highest probability of losing, it would be that Week 16 clash with Baltimore.

That makes us all Ravens fans that week. Baltimore has to travel to the West Coast. That's a problem. Their defense is sketchy. That's another.

Still, they're fully capable of winning a road game versus one of the NFC's best teams. We know they can do it. Gosh... We hope they can do it. Philly has to take care of business though.