2 Eagles truths, one lie following a second consecutive embarrassing loss

Let's play a game of 'two truths and a lie' and use the Eagles as our topic of discussion.
Michael Gallup, Eagles vs Cowboys
Michael Gallup, Eagles vs Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Truth: The Eagles STILL control their destiny in the NFC East.

Philadelphia is now the owner of a 10-3 record. As bad as the past two weeks have been, that's an excellent spot to be in. They lost their sixth straight in Arlington, but they still control their destiny in the race for the NFC East's crown.

With Philly and Dallas both winning home games in this two-game season series, If they and the Cowboys both win out, we'd need to look at tie-breakers. They'd own identical overall records. They'd own identical divisional records, and that would mean the next tie-breaker would force us to look at common opponents.

The members of the NFC East played the members of the NFC West this season. Again, let's assume the Birds and Dallas both win out. The Cowboys lost to the Arizona Cardinals so a win plays in Philly's favor.

Beating Zona in Week 17 would deliver the Eagles the division title. Philly would also own a better conference record which gives them an advantage as well.