2 Eagles ugly truths, one obvious lie as Philadelphia's early playoff exit seems likely

Here's a little truth serum about our Eagles, as painful as it may be to swallow.
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
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The obvious lie: Nick Sirianni's theory of light practices protects his team from possible injury.

Rather than play a traditional game of 'two truths and a lie', one that asks we make three statements and ask you to determine which one is false, we did the grunt work for you. Here's a lie that we have told ourselves for a while.

Nick Sirianni's light practice schedules and cupcake offseason regimens have helped this team stay healthy. We told ourselves that 'Nick knows his team' and we allowed him to handle his team as he saw fit because his team was winning. Well, Philly isn't winning, and the 'kids gloves' approach isn't working. This team simply isn't tough enough.

Ask anyone who has ever played football, and they will tell you, even if their dreams of playing professionally ended in high school (or earlier). The only way to get better at football is to PLAY FOOTBALL. If you want to know why the Eagles struggle on gamedays, look no further than the extreme amounts of walkthroughs.

The Baltimore Ravens practice hard, They aren't complaining. The Detroit Lions work hard at practice. They're winning. Taking it easy at practice doesn't prevent injuries from occurring. As a matter of fact, there's another old saying worth referencing. Guys who play in fear of being injured are the guys that get injured.

Think we're lying? Ask Sydney Brown. He believes the Eagles were taken to task.

Sydney also stated that on-field results are the result of practice habits during a 94 WIP-FM postgame show on Sunday.

"Being physical is a mindset. You make a choice each snap with how violent you're going to be... The main thing is practice habits become game-day reality. (If) you don't practice being physical, you don't get the result at the end of the day. "

This is a rookie by the way. Say what you will, but that's very telling. Changes must come, and they must come quickly. Otherwise, nothing will improve this season or during any other season where Nick Sirianni is Philly's leader.

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