2 Eagles ugly truths, one obvious lie as Philadelphia's early playoff exit seems likely

Here's a little truth serum about our Eagles, as painful as it may be to swallow.
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
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An ugly truth: Jalen Hurts can put this team on his back if necessary, but he shouldn't be asked to do so.

Say what you want about Jalen Hurts. You can't put this most recent loss on him. He played well enough to win. Matt Patricia and the Eagles defense let Philly down. There's really no other way to chalk this one up.

We have now seen evidence of what Jalen can be at his best (and when he plays at his worst). He's good enough to win games by freelancing and by putting his team on his back, but he shouldn't be asked to do that.

Hurts has been held back by bad playcalling and an underwhelming job by his coaching staff. Shane Steichen's absence has been obvious, but before you blame Brian Johnson, keep something in mind. Whether he's calling the plays or not, this is Nick Sirianni's offense

Another ugly truth: Nick Sirianni has lost this team, and he lost them sometime during the three-game losing streak.

Following the overtime win versus the Buffalo Bills, we thought we had found this team's identity. We thought that identity included tinges of resiliency. The truth is winning may have masked some of their flaws. This is a limited football team with an obvious lack of confidence.

The Eagles were exposed by three consecutive losses and by being drug by one of pro football's worst teams. Something is broken. Players are frustrated. All of that lies at Nick Sirianni's doorstep because we weren't witnessing the bad body language and anonymous quotes before Week 13.